Unknown facts about Buffa Di Perrero, The World’s Loneliest House

Did you ever want to build a house far away from the mad crowd over a remote mountain? Well, then you must be amazed to know that your dream house has already been built. Yes, Buffa di Perrero house, also known as the ‘world’s loneliest house’ was built high up on the side of a remote Italian mountain range 100 years back. 

Let’s unveil the unknown mystery of this weird house together. 

The house is located on Monte Cristallo in Italy’s sprawling Dolomite Mountains, Nearly 9,000 feet above sea level. The bizarre location of the loneliest house has intrigued and amazed people for decades.  If you are also thinking about how the structure has been built in this location, well the only way would have been through rope, ladders, and a makeshift cable cart (to supply building materials). 

When the house was built and why?

Well, it is believed that this astounding property was built 100 years back during World War I. The impractical location of this mystery house was selected on purpose.  Historians believe that this lonely house was a safe resting place for the Italian soldiers during World War I. The house was also used as a Hidden storehouse for their supplies. 

Besides giving the soldiers a strategic advantage over the enemy during the war, the house also protects them from harsh mountain weather. 

Who the house is named at?

The house is named after the Alpini soldier, Colonel Carlo Buffa di Perrero. The famous soldier had a passion for the mountains and hence requested a transfer to the ALpini Corps. Later he died in the frontline fighting the enemies. 

How is Buffa Di Perrero inside view?

Not the way you want your dream house to be nestled in the Italian Alps. Instead, it has snowstorms hit and damaged roofs that are not fit to be used by climbers. 

But wait, there is a good news.

Recently, the house has been renovated for climbers in memory and honor of Buffa Di Perrero.

The good news is not over yet!

The hiking club Alpino Italiano INspired by this astounding lonely destination has built a similar modern-day shelter for mountaineers. Built-in Forcella Marmarole Pass, it can fit up to 12 people in total. 

Whats next?

Still waiting for the right time? do it now!

Just pack up your bags and embark on one of the most memorable journey of your life. witness the warmth and beauty of an ancient and loneliest house in the world, built on the top of a remote mountain.

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