Ever eaten air? This Italian restaurant Serves fried Air

Imagine a dessert so light and airy it feels like taking a bite of fresh air. That’s the experience Feva, a Michelin-starred restaurant in Italy, offers with their “Fried Air” or “Aria Fritta.”

But fear not, they’re not serving deep-fried clouds (although that would be pretty cool!). This unique dish is actually made from tapioca pearls transformed into crispy puffs. The secret touch? Ozone gas, which gives it a special freshness that mimics clean air.

The tapioca puffs are then placed on a fluffy bed of cotton candy, creating a delightful cloud-like presentation. A sprinkle of blue salt completes the sky-inspired look.

Thinking about how much the dish costs? Well, the dish is completely free now. The restaurant is serving it as a surprise starter for its guests. 

Who is the man behind the dish “Fried Air”?

Nicola Dinato is no ordinary chef. He’s a culinary superstar with over 20 years of experience under his belt, having learned from the best of the best, like famous chefs Ferran Adrià and Alain Ducasse. After traveling the world and soaking up all that delicious knowledge, Nicola came back to his home country of Italy with a dream – to open his very own restaurant, Feva, where he could really let his creativity shine.  And that’s exactly where the incredible “Fried Air” dish was born.

The act of the chef going against the norm and giving his imagination the form of reality, being served on the plate,  has somehow poked the creative dreamer hidden inside all of us. 

What’s the philosophy behind the dish?

But Aria Fritta isn’t just about the theatrics. It’s a dish with a deeper message. The name “Aria Fritta” is an Italian idiom that translates to “full of hot air,” referencing empty talk. By presenting air as a “dish,” Chef Dinato invites us to reflect on the fluff and substance of our conversations. We consume words just as readily as food, so perhaps this dish is a call to savor meaningful exchanges and avoid getting filled with empty calories.

What’s next?

The next time you find yourself in Italy, ditch the pizza and pasta for a breath (and bite!) of fresh air. Head to Nicola’s restaurant, Feva, and let yourself be swept away by the magic of “Fried Air.” Who knows, you might even get to meet the mastermind chef himself – a true culinary rock star in the making!

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